Your #1 Financial Consultants
for all Expats in Germany.
Holistic Consultation, Goal Planning & Guidance from Locals.

We have one goal - to make you feel home in Germany!

Your #1 Financial Consultants
for all Expats in Germany.
Investment & Protection | Health Care |Your #1 Financial Consultants
for all Expats in Germany.

Our passion is to make your life in Germany easier!

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Specialists Guidance | Over 27 years of Experience |Your #1 Financial Consultants
for all Expats in Germany.

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for all Expats in Germany.

Kids - you never know what they do next - Let's protect their future together.

Saving Plans for Kids | Ready for the next Generation.
financial consultantPlan youre Retirement Age | Care SolutionsReal Estate Investments | Plan your better Future.Your #1 Financial Consultants
for all Expats in Germany.

Things can be so easy - with the right partner for your finances!

Our Vision:

To be the leading partner in every expatriate’s financial journey in Germany, transforming their experience by offering services rooted in empathy and understanding.

We envision a future where every expat feels financially secure, supported, and at home in Germany, contributing positively to the community and the country’s growth.

Our Mission:

At German Sherpa, our mission is to provide expatriates in Germany with financial solutions that are personalized, comprehensive and easy to understand.

We strive to ensure our clients feel financially confident and informed to make the best decisions.

With our own expat experiences and the core belief that We know how it feels to be an expat we go beyond just providing financial services.

We offer a partnership grounded in trust, understanding, and mutual respect, supporting our clients through their unique financial journeys in their new home.

Greetings from Marcel Plum

Founder of German Sherpa


We know how it works in Germany  and understand the unique  challenges of being  an Expat. 
As your single point of contact, we guide you through the German “Insurance Jungle.

Digital Consultation

Our award-winning digital consultation is available to you no matter where you are, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Best Select Approach

Our personalized and holistic consultation approach helps us find the right solutions for your individual situation from the largest product portfolio on the German market.


We are real people, not just an internet portal.

We speak your language and extend our support even beyond financial advice.


We genuinely love what we do, and every day, we are committed to our customer – making your stay in Germany more comfortable and enjoyable.


Every team member is dedicated to giving their best for our customers daily.

We know firsthand the challenges of being an Expat – We know how it feels to be an Expat.


98% of our clients are Expats – we consult over 3500 clients form more than 50 countries.

Whether you are new to Germany or have been here for several years, we are your ideal partner.

Our Seminars

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We know how it feels to be an Expat

and we love to experience different people from diferent cultures.

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