Case Study

How clients reach out to us…

Case Study: Example Client Situation

[The following case study is a fictive example situation not containing real client data.]

Ravinder (32) and Priya (28) reach out to the Expat Team.

They got the contact from one of their friends. They came to us and their question was :

How can we get a legal insurance, as one of our friends got in some trouble with his landlord, and we want to be protected against those issues

Consultation Process

One of our trained, certified and experienced Expat Consultants will have a free 1:1 Meeting with them. This can be online or face to face – as you prefer.

As a starting point we ask the following two questions:

What do I have to do today, to make this a valuable appointment for you?


What are your expectations for our Meeting today?

and then we will listen, we will ask a lot of questions and try to understand who you are and what is your situation, how can we support you, this includes:

  • We will introduce our personal and holistic Consultation & the German Sherpa / SwissLife Select Best Select approach
  • We will ask about your personal Goals and start the goal planning process together with you.
  • We will guide you through and will explain your Salary Slip, line by line.
  • We will check your expenses together with you and set up a financial planning / expense planning for you.
  • We will match your financial „as is“ vs. „go to“ status

Either in the first meeting or in a second meeting we will come up with our individual consultation concept and

  • We will provide your individual solution

Initial Situation

Ravinder & Priya are married since one year, no kids yet.

Both are working as engineers in Stuttgart, Residence status is blue card (both)

They own a car and currently they have the following insurances (all bundled with one company):

  • Type
  • Car Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Household Insurance incl. Glass
  • Accident Insurance (28,95 Euros p.m. each)
  • Price per year
  • 1.200,00 Euros
  • 150,00 Euros
  • 235,00 Euros
  • 694,80 Euros

Future Plans

Before we started their “goals” were like this:

  • earn good amount of salary in Germany
  • save taxes (as much as possible)
  • start some investments
  • maybe buy a real estate
  • not sure about kids yet
  • retire early, maybe in India (to be decided)

You see a lot of maybes and unclearity…

Part of our consultation is the goal planning process.

Here we really go into the details and define together with the clients what their real goals are.

We use the SMART goal approach and specify the goals in detail.

This is the baseline for our individual financial strategy which we will setup for the clients.

Income situation

We guide you through and explain your salary slip – line by line and in detail.
Did you know that even Germans do not read and understand their salary slip?

We setup a detailed expense planning where we identify saving options and unnecessary expenses.

And we show you how you can reduce your taxes and convert taxes into assets and equity.


during the consultation process which can take 2-3 (online) meetings we will present all the solutions to the clients, following our personal and holistic consultation approach.

In case of Ravi & Priya we came to the folling result for them:

  • Improve their existing insurance and reduced the yearly premium by

Here our Seminar overview:

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