It was a usual plan for fathers day weekend for me, which included catching up with buddies in oldtown in a brewery.

Except this year, a very dear friend of mine reached out to me a day before fathers day. She had a special request, she reminded me of the day when she was new to dusseldorf and was in need of financial consultation in English. She told it was tough to find the services that I provided and how grateful she was to have an opportunity to get access to those.

She explained to me that, there is a huge need for expats to get this important information in English specially when it comes to financial consulting, saving taxes, reducing the gap between gross and net. She wanted to bring together expats and she requested me to conduct a session in English.

I agreed to prepare and hold a Financial Consulting Session for Expats in English language, in case there will be at least 10 attendees.

She initiated the event on social media and over the weekend we realised there were more than 60 people who were interested in attending an two hour session. We had a place for 8 to 10 people maximum.

So I was quiet a bit under pressure to prepare my speech.

I focused on following topics as part of these sessions:

How to

  • reduce the gap between gross and net income in German system? (in cooperation with a tax consultant)
  • reach Financial security in retirement age?
  • secure the income of the family?
  • get demand-oriented and cost-effective insurance protection?
  • get a good return on capital with minimized risk for your capital investments?
  • get good medical treatment / Health care?
  • apply for Governmental benefits / Reduction of taxes and expenses
  • achieve freedom and Independence in your own house / Capital investment in real estate
  • protect the safety and perspectives for the future of your kids.

The first session was scheduled on May 15th 2018 and had an audience of 8 people.They seemed happy to be part of this- It was a great feeling to meet up with these group of people who travelled far away from their homelands. Their perserverence and determination definitely inspired me. It made me think about how amazing it is to move out of your comfort zone and live a life that you want to live. This was one of the greatest feelings. Most of them wanted to have a private consultation, which I could deliver.

In the meantime we provided 10 sessions  in Düsseldorf Factory Campus – sponsored by Swiss Life Select – Finanzkanzlei Marcel Plum with the same content, with in total 98 attendences out  of 12 different countries  – and this is to be continued.