You are planning to come to Germany to study or to work here?

You already started your first days here?

There are a few things you should know regarding the different types of insurance in Germany – which of them are mandatory, which of them are essential, useful and what is not needed at all.

Mandatory insurance are:

  • Health Insurance, here we have the option between private health insurance and public health insurance.
  • Car insurance if you have a car or motorcycle this is also mandatory.
  • In case you have a dog of a specific breed or size dog liability insurance is also mandatory.
  • Home Insurance in case you buy a house or flat

Essential insurance are:

  • Private Liability insurance (Covers any 3rd Party damages caused by unintentional action from your side)
  • Household insurance (Covers any damages to your belongings – e.g. if you take your flat or house,  turn it around and shake it, everything which would fall out woud be insured against: Robbery, Fire, Water, natural disaster,…)
  • legal expenses insurance (Covers legal costs in case you have trouble with other people in private, labour, traffic or rental topics)
  • Income Protection (Covers the financial value of your future workforce until retirement age)
  • If you like to travel a travel insurance, which covers health costs worldwide during your vacations make sense.
  • Kids Accident insurance (You never know what they will do next)
  • if you decide to stay in Germany until retirement age – a private pension plan insurance would make sense

Useful insurance are:

  • if you have family or real estate a term life insurance makes sense
  • if you have a cat or dog health insurance for them would make sense
  • if you are public health insured private add on makes sense to cover dental costs and provide you better services

Not needed insurance are:

  • any life insurance with saving option – as they burn money
  • most of the combined insurance products which merge more than one product together – many companies are good in one section but not in all.

If you need support in any insurance topic, feel free to contact me. I work together with more than 180 insurance companies and can select the best provider / product for your individual needs.