Private Liability insurance (Privathaftpflicht Versicherung) is one of the most important insurance contracts in Germany.
It covers you in situations when you or a family member caused a damage to third party (health, property, asset related damage) by unintentional action from your side.

Most important part here is the coverage for personal damages, as this can be millions of euros.

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Key features of Term Life Insurance

In Germany, liability insurance offers essential features including:

  • Third-Party Coverage: Protects against claims for bodily harm, property damage, and personal injury caused by the policyholder or their family members.
  • Types of Liability Insurance: Personal liability insurance covers individuals for private mishaps, while professional liability insurance is for businesses and professionals, covering professional mistakes, omissions, or negligence.
  • Coverage Limits: Policies have set maximum payouts, and choosing adequate limits is vital to protect one’s financial security against major claims.
  • Optional Add-Ons: Policies may include add-ons for specific activities, pets, or additional liabilities.
  • Legal Defense: Includes coverage for legal costs in defending against claims.

While not mandatory, liability insurance is crucial in Germany for financial protection and peace of mind. Without it, individuals and businesses risk significant financial loss and potential bankruptcy from liability claims.

It’s important to carefully review and compare policies to ensure adequate coverage for one’s needs and risk exposure.

Liability insurance helps safeguard against the financial fallout of accidental damages or injuries, allowing for a focus on daily and professional activities with greater confidence.

Top Tip:

It is essential that kids younger than 7 are explicitly included into your contract.

German Sherpa only provide those contracts where your kids are covered the right way!

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€ 50/month or € 5.000 onetime

  up to 400.000 Euro
  coverage 20 or 25yrs
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